Causes and Treatments of Gray Hairs
28 Nov 2018

Causes and Treatments of Gray Hairs

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There is nothing shocking about gray hair on an elderly person as we all know that it occurs naturally when we age, however, if you see someone in their 20’s or 30’s sporting unusual silver strands in their hair, it will probably leave you wondering that what could be the cause. Even though nowadays a handful of youngsters tend to streak their hair gray to set a fashion trend, a lot of people who suffer from premature graying of hairs are left disheartened. After all, not everyone likes to look much older than their age due to their hair right?

Premature gray hair – The causes

The pigmentation cells in your hair follicles, that are responsible for its natural color, are known as melanin. The more the melanin content you possess, the darker your hair color would be. If you have been noticing your gray hair on your otherwise dark head, the possibility is that your hair follicles are producing lesser melanin. With lesser melanin, not only color is a loss but even the hair fiber and strength is decreased.

So basically, gray hairs are a result of your hair losing its pigmentation. Now, the pigmentation does get reduced with age but there are several other factors that lead to the unnatural loss of your original hair color hair color. Let’s have a look at the different causes of gray hair right here.

  1. Genetics

If either of your parent or grandparents began to have gray hair before the age of 40, there are very high chances that the situation may pass into you through genetics. The result? You too will be welcoming the onset of premature gray hairs in your younger days. This inherited gift of early graying hair strands has been actually scientifically proven and it is practically impossible to dodge this natural occurrence.

  1. Stress

Stress has always been a troublemaker hasn’t it? Well, it may be the culprit for premature graying of hair too. If you get gripped by a hectic schedule, high-stress levels and anxiety for prolonged time periods, you will eventually notice the appearance of gray hairs. Other similar conditions that slow down the production of melanin-like stress include sudden shock and deep sorrow. Unnecessary stress is definitely unhealthy by all means.

  1. Medical Conditions

People who tend to suffer from sinus problems and chronic colds frequently are prone to witness early graying of hairs. Besides, there are other medical conditions as well that can trigger pigmentation loss in the hair follicles. Such conditions include hormonal imbalance, vitamin B12 deficiency, and thyroid issues. These are some of the situations that not only affect health negatively but also lead to gray hair showing up at a younger age than usual.

  1. Lack of proper nutrition

To optimize your overall health and wellbeing, it is essential that you take utmost care of your nutrition intake. Failing to do so will take a toll on your health as well as skin and hair. Moreover, melanin production is also dependant on proper nutrition and protein supplements. Furthermore, if your daily diet lacks in iron, copper, and iodine, melanin is likely to fall much below acceptable levels, resulting in gray hairs.

  1. Miscellaneous

There are a number of external factors that contribute to the graying of hair at an early age. Examples include changing the climate, pollution, and the usage of chemical based hair dyes and shampoos. Such factors can speed up the process of aging and the first sign to show up is gray hair. There are other causes too, such as an unclean scalp and the excessive use of an electric hair dryer and hair irons. Overdose of caffeine may be held responsible too.

Treatments to get rid of gray hair

Whether gray hairs can be treated back to their original color or not is highly dependent on the factor that brought about the change. For example, if you have started getting gray hairs due to genetics, there is nothing much that can be done to reverse the situation. Apart from this, the following treatment might prove to be helpful to some extent, try these!

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Your body needs a good diet in order to function properly. This will ultimately lead to healthy hairs too. Make sure you cultivate the habit of eating a lot of vegetables and fruits if you want to stop premature gray hair from showing up. Your body hand hair will be thankful for the essential vitamins and minerals gained from dairy, whole grains, eggs, fish, spinach, carrots, red meat, yogurt, tomatoes and many other healthy edibles. Besides this, it is always a good idea to stay from junk food.

  1. Reduce stress levels

If you don’t want your hair quality and color to deteriorate because of the tensions prevailing in your routine life, you better learn to manage and keep your stress level to the minimum. Manage a routine that does not burden you or add to your existing problems.

  1. Consult a doctor

Medical conditions that bring about changes to the hair color should be diagnosed and treated as per the instructions of a doctor. Keep your hormones and thyroid levels in check and get proper medicines to ward off any other illnesses that harm melanin production and hence cause gray strands of hair to appear.

  1. Better hair care

One of the best ways to prevent or treat premature gray is undoubtedly a good hair care regime. For this, nourishment and good grooming is key. Avoid the use of shampoos and other hair products that have harsh chemicals in them. Also, massage your hair on a daily basis with your fingertip so as to trigger proper circulation of blood in the scalp. Don’t forget to oil them occasionally. Most important of all, keep your scalp clean and use products that suit your hair type.

  1. Home remedies

The best thing about nature is that it provides us with good home remedies to treat various problems. Premature gray hair can also be taken care of through some natural remedies. For instance, you can use “Amla” paste to massage your head regularly and let it work its wonders on your hair. Also, try applying some lemon juice with castor oil and henna on your gray hairs.

All in all, always remember that no matter how frustrating the appearance of gray hair seems to be, always look for suitable treatments to overcome it instead of stressing and killing off more melanin in your hair follicles. Identify the cause and then find its solution. It’s not that difficult, really.