Does Anxiety Affect Sexual Health
28 Nov 2018

Does Anxiety Affect Sexual Health

Post by radars

It is not surprising that everyone tends to suffer from some sort of anxiety at different periods of their life, after all, it is only natural for human beings to feel that way. However, being anxious automatically lead to your body releasing certain chemicals into the bloodstream which eventually hinders our performance in different ways. For instance, anxiousness can hold you back from your career goals and even become a major hurdle during social activities.

So, when we ponder on the question regarding whether or not anxiety affects sexual health, the answer is yes, it sure does! To elaborate this further, let’ have a look at four major ways anxiety casts a negative impact on anyone’s sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction in Men

Anxiety is not only capable of upsetting you in terms of your mood, it also disturbs the way your body responds to different situations. This is because the brain signals that are in charge of controlling such response get affected. Due to this, men can face erectile dysfunction when feeling anxious or stressed about something, making it difficult and almost impossible for the male organ to get stimulated when required and thus affecting sex life badly. Although this condition can vary from one person to the other, and may sometimes occur due to other factors like obesity, heart disease or excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, anxiety plays an active role in its cause.

Irregular menstrual cycles in women

Anxiety can trigger off several kinds of physical and psychological changes, that too, only negative ones. Not only men, but women also suffer from sexual dysfunction because of this. In other words, just like men may face erectile dysfunction, women may suffer from irregular menstrual cycles. It has been scientifically proven that women are most sexually receptive during their ovulation phase, which is highly impossible to identify or achieve during irregular periods. Moreover, anxiety can cause delayed as well as completely absent menstrual cycles which then leads to other medical concerns and health issues.

Hormonal imbalance and infertility

Infertility seems to be a growing problem in both genders, and especially in women. When investigated, it was found that the hormonal imbalance that are responsible for causing infertility are actually set off by a surplus of anxiety levels. Anxiety builds up to become stress which directly affects the pituitary glands that controls the adrenal glands, thyroid and ovaries. Either one of these not functioning properly means, that there certainly will be a fertility issue in the concerned individual. So, if you are planning to get pregnant, fight off the anxiety at the soonest possible!

Decreased libido

Cortisol is a hormone that our bodies need for small time periods and in a small quantity only, however, anxiety causes the body to produce this hormone for a prolonged time span and in much higher levels than required. This leads to suppressed sex hormones and ultimately lowers the libido as well. The feelings of anxiousness can happily kill your sex drive and you can’t do anything about it unless you discard off the anxiety-provoking thoughts from your mind. Unless and until you feel relaxed mentally and physically, your libido will stay under pressure. It will not be wrong to say that worrying and panicking about any particular situation can cast an extremely negative impact on your sexual health overall.

Unattractive body image

Due to anxiety, your self-esteem too can hit rock bottom and you may find your body unattractive which means it will become difficult to get intimate with your partner. Obviously, when you are highly conscious of your appearance and sexual performance, the end result won’t be very fruitful or enjoyable. On the other hand, if it is your partner who is stressed over something and snaps at you out of frustration every now and then, you wouldn’t get attracted to such a person. Moreover, anxiety causes muscle tension and problems with sexual arousal. So basically, an anxious mind will act as a barrier that stops you from enjoying intimacy with your loved one.

All in all, the effects of anxiety can be drastic on both your physical and emotional health, probably even more than you can realize. Therefore, if you want to boost up your sexual health and overall well-being, it is highly recommended to flush out all the feelings of anxiousness from your life.