Impotence – causes, consequences and treatment options
28 Nov 2018

Impotence – causes, consequences and treatment options

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For many people, this is an embarrassing affair. Considering that about half of the men are affected … In short, it’s a common problem. The causes of potency problems are manifold. While some men sometimes have problems with it, it is more common in other men. There are also men who are consistently impotent. The good news is that impotence can be treated in most cases. The treatment method depends on the cause as? What? How?

What is impotence exactly? How does a healthy erection come about? What can go wrong in this physical process? What causes impotence? How do you get behind the cause? And … how do you eliminate impotence?

We answer these questions piece by piece for you. We hope that you get a good idea of how and why erectile problems arise and how to get rid of them with our tips.

What is impotence?

There are some misconceptions about the term “impotence”. Thus, for example, it is suspected that a man in impotence can never get an erection. This is incorrect, however. With impotence, one also means that this happens sometimes or more often. It can also mean that the erection is not strong enough for penetration or decreases during intercourse and ejaculation is absent. It is estimated that approximately 50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from erectile dysfunction. In 10% of these men, impotence often occurs or is the result of a chronic disorder.

Another Misconception

Often, impotence is mistaken for infertility. This is also a misunderstanding. A man suffering from impotence can, of course, be fertile and naturally have children.

Since impotence sounds very negative, scientists prefer to use the neutral term “erectile dysfunction”. Most of the time Impotent is called “erectile dysfunction”.

How does a healthy erection come about?

A healthy erection results from the interaction of:

  • A sexually exciting situation
  • Enjoying this situation
  • Healthy blood vessels, nerve tracts, and hormonal functions

Processes from a physical point of view

When energized, the enzyme cyclic guanosine monophosphate is released in the body. This substance causes the muscles in the penile cavernosum to relax. You can see the cavernous bodies as a kind of sponges that absorb the blood. As the muscles relax and expand, the sponge can fill with blood. Now the penis is stiff. The more blood is absorbed by the cavernous bodies, the stiffer the penis becomes. A fully erect penis contains 8 times more blood than a flabby penis.

This swelling simultaneously compresses the incoming and outgoing blood vessels of the penis. As a result, the blood cannot flow away. The result is that the erection can withstand. The enzyme PDE-5 interrupts the cyclic guanosine monophosphate. This causes the penis to become limp again.

What fails in the physical process of an erection?

If not enough blood flows into the erectile tissue, the penis cannot or does not completely fester. It can also happen that the blood does not stay “dammed” long enough. This happens, for example, when the nerves in the penis are damaged. When excited by sexual stimulation, cyclic guanosine monophosphate eventually releases and the blood vessels in the erectile tissue expand. Furthermore, the problem can be caused by defective blood vessels or muscle cells in the erectile tissue.

What causes impotence?


Impotence can be caused, among other things, by physical factors. These include low testosterone levels, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, thyroid changes, penis malformation, urinary problems, a benign prostate, antidepressants, and high blood pressure medications.

Bad habits

An unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to erectile problems. Examples include obesity, alcohol, drug use, and regular smoking.


In addition, psychological problems such as depression, stress, and fatigue may be the cause of impotence.


By the end, sexual issues such as prestige urgency and fear of failure can cause erectile dysfunction.

How do you find the cause of impotence?

It is not always very easy for a doctor to make the right diagnosis for impotence. An erectile dysfunction can be the sum of several factors. Therefore, it is advisable to clarify a few questions before visiting a doctor. This one wants to know, among another thing.

  • Since when the complaints exist
  • whether these symptoms occur suddenly or gradually
  • whether the symptoms occur sometimes, often or frequently
  • in which situation the impotence occurs
  • whether the penis is not or not completely stiff, or whether it relaxes during sexual intercourse
  • whether erections occur during sleep / when waking up
  • whether alcohol, drugs or medicines are used and if so, to what extent
  • whether surgery has been performed recently
  • whether there are heart, fat or prostate problems
  • whether there are problems at work or in the relationship
  • whether there is nervousness during intercourse
  • whether there is sufficient sexual stimulation
  • if there are problems with urination
  • whether changes on the penis are recognizable

How can one eliminate impotence?

In order to be able to adequately eliminate erectile dysfunction, a correct diagnosis must first be made. Accordingly, there are various treatment methods. There are natural, medical, mechanical and therapeutic ways.


A healthy diet, more exercise, and quitting smoking and over-consumption of alcohol can improve one’s physical condition.

Erotic underwear, erotic films, sex toys, and masturbation stimulate an erection.


There are several medications on the market that can help against impotence.

For the treatment of testosterone deficiency, there is testosterone gel, with which the man can be treated. This gel is applied regularly on the thighs, on the arm, or in the loin area.

If the testosterone balance is okay, there are products that need to be injected into the penis. They relax the blood vessels in the penis so that they fill up with blood and the penis gets hard.

Alternatively, potency pills can help. The best-known medicines are: Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis

Mechanical Aids

In the event that medications do not help, there are the following mechanical aids to combat impotence.

Penis prosthesis: This inflatable prosthesis is surgically implanted in the penis. With a pump in the scrotum, the penis is inflated by manual operation. This creates an erection.

Penis pump: In this method, the penis is hung in a container. This is connected to a vacuum pump. By sucking the air out of the container, the blood in the penis is compressed and an erection occurs. Through a ring on the penis, the erection remains.


This therapy is intended to combat sexually disturbing thoughts such as fear of failure and stress.