Mind Healing Imaginative Solutions For Stress And Anxiety Relief
28 Nov 2018

Mind Healing Imaginative Solutions For Stress And Anxiety Relief

Post by radars

Today ‘Stress’ & ‘Anxiety’ is one of the common things that almost every other person faces. A survey shows that about 75-90% of the people report stress & anxiety in primary care visits in U.S. Stress & Anxiety are ‘Physiological’ responses to the change that is stimulated through threats, loses, any accident or trauma that happened in someone’s life. Stress and anxiety not only affects our mind but as well as our body and its systems, therefore it is very important to manage stress and anxiety. There are many ways to manage stress & anxiety such as ‘yoga, mindfulness meditation, exercise, and long-walks’ but these are not ‘immediate’ solutions to avoid stress and anxiety. The most helpful, quick and on-spot ‘stress & anxiety’ management solution is the ‘imagery & imaginative’ ways using sensory qualities.

If you are unaware of ‘Imagery or Imaginative’ stress management techniques then this article is all about such techniques and solutions.

Why Do We Need ‘Imagery Stress Management’ Solutions?

We all know that stress and anxiety can be reduced by doing yoga, meditation, exercise or long-walks, then why use imagery solutions. The answer to this question quite simple, imagination is the ‘Royal Road’ to Insight and ‘Imagery or Imaginative’ solutions are also one of the quickest yet very effective to deal with stress and anxiety. One can reduce stress and anxiety on-point by just using this simple solution.

Imagine you are having a stress or anxiety attack before or during your exam, or you are having an argument with your spouse, then these are the situations in which you can’t take a break to do yoga or go for a long walk. In such situations, you need something that you can use on spot, and hence ‘imagery’ is one the best & better stress management options at hand.

Stress Management Guide

There are some easy and simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety which anyone can easily do. All you have to do is to imagine that ‘Calmness, Clarity and Courage’ are flowing in your body. Imagery Stress management includes:

  • Relaxation – Both physiological & psychological. Charge your brain & body by doing some meditation.
  • Strength & Inner-resource Recognition – With inner wisdom meditation.
  • Change Your Perspectives – Evocative Imagery.
  • Tolerance –Not being crushed & collapsed, commitment, challenge, control
  • Cultivate health – Through sleep, active lifestyle, food, water, people & pets
  • Know the difference between what you can change and what you can’t
  • Take care of yourself like you take care of your dog/cat
  • Day-dream yourself purposely – imagine you at a beautiful beach/place
  • Self-Talk – tell yourself that this will pass and you are dealing it better. You are doing better already.

What Is Meant By Evocative Imagery?

‘Imagery’ is a process of thinking utilizing the sensory qualities such as ‘visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory gustatory’. It’s a language of arts, emotions and unconscious mind that helps in ‘Directing’ the body and ‘Learning’ from the body.

While on the other hand the ‘Evocative Imagery’ is thinking and figuring out ‘what is missing’ and ‘what is that you need to make yourself feel better’.