Role of micronutrients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
28 Nov 2018

Role of micronutrients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Post by radars

The human body needs some nutrients to function properly; these nutrients include both micro and macronutrients. The micronutrients are required in a small amount yet play a very important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper functioning of the systems. A survey by ‘World Food Programme’ shows that approximately 2 billion people in around the globe suffer from micro-nutrient deficiencies that lead to ‘anemia, iodine deficiency syndrome and Vitamin A or B deficiency’. Therefore it is important to intake food content that provides enough amount of micro-nutrients to the body.

The importance and significance of the micro-nutrients are described in this article to give awareness regarding these nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Micro-nutrients are Essential for Every Stage of Life

The micro-nutrients are such amazing molecules that are needed in a very small amount yet are crucial for a healthy living and proper functioning of the human body. The human body requires these nutrients before birth and after birth at every stage of the proper functioning, maintenance and growth & development of the body. The importance or need of every micro-nutrient varies in different stages, such as during pregnancy the nutrients such as ‘Folic Acid, Vitamin-A, Iron, DHA, and Iodine’ are essential for proper development of the fetus. After birth (childhood, adolescence, adulthood & old age) the human body requires micronutrients such as ‘Vitamin-D & B12, Calcium, Iron, iodine and Vitamin-E & C’ for better growth, strengthening of bones, better & clear vision and for cognitive health.

Why do we need Micro-nutrient Enriched Food?

It is a fact that our body needs micro-nutrients but there are nearly 30 such micronutrients that are essential for our body but the human body can’t manufacture them on its own. These micronutrients are essential because their deficiencies can lead to serious and fatal diseases. The deficiency of ‘Vitamin-C’ in human body causes ‘Bleeding of gums’ and ‘Scurvy’ which can be fatal in some cases.

The vitamin and mineral deficiencies in a human body can lead to major illness such as ‘heart diseases, diabetes type 2, cancer’ and many bone diseases which include ‘osteoporosis and arthritis’. Therefore to avoid these ailments it is very important to intake food & diet that contains sufficient amount of such micronutrients.

Boost-up your Immune System

Micro-nutrients play a significant role in strengthening and boosting the immune system. There are 5 micronutrients which are listed for the proper and efficient functioning of the human immune system. These include Vitamin B6, C, E, Magnesium, and Zinc. Without these micro-nutrients are immune system will become weak and less reactive to germs and bacteria making the immune system weak and leading to fatal ailments.

The conclusion of the above discussion is that these micronutrients play an important and significant role in maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet. The deficiency of such nutrients can cause fatal diseases. The major sources such nutrients are fresh fruits and vegetables and freshwater mineral enriched water, therefore physicians and nutritionists recommend the frequent use of fresh vegetables, fruits, and water.